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Improving the Approachability of Gesture-based Interfaces

GestureBar is a novel, approachable UI for learning gest­ural interactions that enables a walk-up-and-use exper­ience which is in the same class as standard menu and toolbar interfaces.  GestureBar leverages the familiar, clean look of a common toolbar, but in place of executing commands, richly discloses how to execute commands with gestures, through animated images, detail tips and an out-of-document practice area. GestureBar’s simple design is also general enough for use with any recognition technique and for integration with standard, non-gestural UI components.  We evaluate GestureBar in a formal experiment showing that users can perform complex, ecologically valid tasks in a purely gestural system without training, introduction, or prior gesture experience when using GestureBar, discovering and learning a high percentage of the gestures needed to perform the tasks optimally, and significantly outperforming a state of the art crib sheet.  The relative contribution of the major design elements of GestureBar is also explored.  A second experiment shows that GestureBar is preferred to a basic crib sheet and two enhanced crib sheet variations.



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GestureBar: Improving the Approachability of Gesture-based Interfaces. Andrew Bragdon, Robert Zeleznik, Brian Williamson, Timothy Miller, and Joseph J. LaViola Jr. In Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (2009), 2269-2278. CHI Paper Download PDF N/A Digital Library Link

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