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Gesture Play
Motivating Online Gesture Learning with Fun, Positive Reinforcement and Physical Metaphors

Learning a set of gestures requires a non-trivial investment of time from novice users. We propose a novel approach based on positive reinforcement for motivating the online learning of multi-touch gestures: introducing simple, gamelike elements to make gesture learning fun and enjoyable. We develop 3 metaphors, button widgets, animated spring widgets, and physical props, as primitives for simple, physically-based puzzles which afford the disclosure of static and dynamic hand gestures. Using these metaphors, we implemented a gesture set representing 14 of 16 gesture types in an established hand gesture taxonomy. We present the results of a quantitative and qualitative evaluation which indicate this approach motivates gesture rehearsal more so than video demonstrations, while memory recall was equivalent overall but improved in the short-term, for controlled tasks.



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Gesture Play: Motivating Online Gesture Learning with Fun, Positive Reinforcement and Physical Metaphors. Andrew Bragdon, Arman Uguray, Daniel Wigdor, Stylianos Anagnostopoulos, Robert Zeleznik, and Rutledge Feman. To appear in: Proceedings of the ACM International Symposium on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2010 (ITS 2010). ITS Paper Download PDF Lineogrammer Video Digital Library Link

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